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If you or someone you know is at immediate risk or harm call 911
For 24 hour support and referral, call Family Violence Info Line 310-1818

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk or harm call 911
For 24 hour support and referral, call Family Violence Info Line 310-1818

What is the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council?

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The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a group of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse. Canada’s fastest growing population is over the age of 65 and rapidly becoming vulnerable to abuse that can rob older adults of their well-being and dignity.

● A province-wide network of professionals
● Representing communities across Alberta
● Promoting the well-being and security of older adults
● Working to increase community awareness
● Developing resources to address and educate about elder abuse

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If you are concerned about a loved one or someone in your community, please click here to find the closest agency to contact for help.

The AEAAC was first formed in 2002, since that time we have undergone a name change, developed a new logo, developed resources, hosted several learning events, and became a non-profit society. What has never changed in that time is our dedication to raising awareness and addressing elder abuse.

Our Vision: Alberta’s older adults are valued and live free from abuse.
Our Mission: We are a council of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting community responses to elder abuse.


2002 Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network (AEAAN) forms

2003 First commercial developed and elder abuse police orientation video created

2005 Community Resource Kit launched 2006 “Face it” posters and bookmarks printed and distributed.

2006 1st World Elder Abuse Awareness Day public service announcements and events across Alberta hosted by AEAAN members

2007 Website launch

2009 Partner with Alberta Seniors and Community Supports in: Financial Abuse Fact Sheet,

2010 Financial Abuse Rack Card, Service Provider Screening Guide, A Guide to Supported Decision-Making, and a province-wide elder abuse tracking form

2011 First Alberta Elder Abuse Conference (Edmonton)

2015 Second Alberta Elder Abuse Conference (Calgary)

2016 Registered as a Non-Profit Society in Alberta and changed our name from Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network (AEAAN) to Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council (AEAAC)

2017 Updated logo, secured 3-year grant from the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Seniors, hired a Council Development Specialist, opened up for membership, and launched It’s Not Right: Neighbours, Friends and Family (INR) as an on-going program of the AEAAC

2018 Created a communications plan, hosted a conference (Edmonton) and begun our newsletter

2019 Co-hosted a pre-conference day at Diverse Voices (Edmonton) focused on Elder Abuse, hired a temporary INR coordinator, developed a sustainable funding plan, business execution plan, and evaluation plan

2020 Updated and presented training with permission from the Government of Alberta who originally facilitated this training- Taking Action Against Elder Abuse (TAAEA) The council is please to now be able to offer this training to service providers working in the area of elder abuse. The AEAAC also partnered on presentations through CORE Alberta.

2021 The AEAAC will oversee the funding and development of establishing a Community of Practice with Case managers across the province

2021 (November) The AEAAC launches Staying Safe: A Resource for Older Adults Living in Alberta

Alberta Seniors and Housing

Thank you to Alberta Seniors and Housing for their ongoing support as a Funder and Partner

Our Values

Our belief is that no one organization has a broad enough scope to address the complex issue of elder abuse in its entirety. A truly effective community response involves many stakeholders working in collaboration.

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