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16 November 2010

Alberta Government releases Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta: A Strategy for Collective Action

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November 16, 2010 the Alberta government released Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta: A Strategy for Collective Action.

The Strategy aims to prevent and address elder abuse, by taking a comprehensive approach. The strategy is structured around four key goals

  • Improved awareness—Educate Albertans so they are aware of elder abuse, how to prevent and identify it and where to go for help.
  • Skilled service providers—Ensure Alberta’s service providers and caregivers have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively serve and support seniors and to help prevent, identify and address elder abuse appropriately.
  • Coordinated community responses—Work with Alberta communities so they have the capacity to partner to provide coordinated supports that prevent and respond to elder abuse, including effective intervention resources.
  • Protective laws and policies—Ensure Albertans have access to legal tools and other mechanisms that help protect seniors from abuse and fraud, effectively address situations of elder abuse, and uphold the rights of seniors.
A series of actions that support each goal are identified. The roles and responsibilities of all sectors of society to successfully address and prevent elder abuse are also articulated.

The Strategy builds on the Government of Alberta’s existing and ongoing efforts in preventing family violence and bullying, and on the policy directions set out in the Aging Population Policy Framework. The Framework, which was released November 8, provides the overall context and approaches the Government of Alberta will be taking to meet the needs of an aging population.

Additional information are available on the Alberta Seniors and Community Supports website at

14 June 2013

Elder Abuse Awareness Raising Video Launch

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June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  In support of this important day, the Government of Alberta, in partnership with the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network, has produced the first in a series of videos to raise awareness of elder abuse and to let those affected know there is help available.

Elder abuse is any action or inaction by someone that jeopardizes the health or well-being of an older adult.  Elder abuse can take several forms including: financial, emotional, physical, sexual, neglect and medication. This first video focuses on examples of neglect (social isolation), financial, and medication abuse and informs viewers where to go for help

13 September 2014

Financial Abuse Prevention Materials now available

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June 15 is recognized globally as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. This annual event is an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the issue of elder abuse.

Elder abuse is any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the health or well-being of an older adult. Elder abuse can take many forms, including: physical, neglect, emotional, financial, sexual, and medication. It is an unfortunate truth that up to 10 percent of older adults may experience elder abuse, affecting their health, well-being and independence. All members and sectors of society need to work together to end this unacceptable behaviour.

Financial abuse is one of the most frequently reported forms of elder abuse; it occurs when someone misuses an older Albertan’s money, financial resources or property without their full consent or understanding. It can happen to anyone.

Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta: A Strategy for Collective Action (2010) outlines a comprehensive approach for the Government of Alberta to work with community partners to prevent and address elder abuse. The Strategy outlines four key goals: improved awareness, skilled service providers, coordinated community response, and protective laws and policies.

In support of ongoing efforts to raise awareness of elder abuse, Alberta Health and the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network are pleased to provide this package of financial abuse prevention materials that can be shared with older adults. Included in the package is a power point presentation on financial abuse prevention for service providers to present to seniors; a booklet titled Protecting Against Financial Abuse: A guide for older Albertans, their families and friends; and fact sheets called Financial Abuse of Seniors and It’s Your Money: Protect yourself from financial abuse.

For more information on elder abuse prevention initiatives or to access additional materials, please visit the Alberta Health website at or the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network website at

Working together, we can help to eliminate elder abuse.

Note: Resources are also available electronically in the Resources section of this website. Select Documents and you will find them in the AEAAN Section

17 November 2010

Government of Canada raises awareness about financial exploitation of seniors

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO, October 4, 2010—The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State (Seniors), emphasized that financial abuse is a real problem affecting seniors, as she marked the beginning of the second phase of the Government’s Elder Abuse Awareness campaign.

The campaign, Elder Abuse – It’s Time to Face the Reality, is designed to help seniors and others recognize the signs and symptoms of elder abuse. The campaign will run from October to December and will focus on the issue of financial abuse.

“Any form of abuse is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. It is important that all Canadians take the time to educate themselves about the signs and symptoms of elder abuse,” said Minister of State Ablonczy. “This year’s campaign focuses on financial exploitation of seniors and intends to provide Canadians with the information and encouragement they need to speak up and seek help.”

The awareness campaign is part of the three-year Federal Elder Abuse Awareness Initiative. Through this initiative, the Government of Canada is working with the provinces and territories, professional associations and community organizations to take active measures to detect and prevent exploitation of older Canadians.

For more information on the Government of Canada’s commitments regarding seniors, including elder abuse awareness initiatives, visit

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Recognizing the signs of financial abuse

Whether it is the illegal or unauthorized use of money or property, or pressure to change a will, financial abuse is a reality for many older Canadians.

To take action against financial exploitation, seniors can help protect themselves by:

  • keeping financial and personal information in a safe place;
  • asking someone trusted to look over contracts and other papers before signing them; and
  • getting independent legal advice before making major decisions regarding home or property or signing related documents, even when family is involved.
Financial abuse can be difficult to recognize. Signs may include:

  • unexplained changes in bank account information;
  • suspicious-looking signatures on cheques or documents;
  • unauthorized attempts to include additional names on a bank or other signature card; and
  • sudden drops in cash flow or financial holdings.
For more information on the Government of Canada’s elder abuse awareness initiatives, visit or contact 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232). People using a teletypewriter (TTY), can call 1-800-926-9105.

15 January 2013

Legislation Protecting Canadas Seniors Comes into Force

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ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 14, 2013) - The Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Niagara Falls, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and the Honourable Alice Wong, M.P. for Richmond and Minister of State (Seniors), welcomed yesterdays coming into force of the Protecting Canadas Seniors Act.

"Our Government is ensuring that crimes against our elderly are punished appropriately," said Minister Nicholson. "Elder abuse is disgraceful and appalling; the Protecting Canadas Seniors Act will ensure tougher sentences for those who take advantage of these vulnerable members of our society."

"This legislation further supports our Governments existing action to eliminate elder abuse in all forms," said Minister Wong. "Elder abuse will not be tolerated. Our Government continues to ensure that Canadians are made aware of this serious issue and that they have the necessary information and supports for preventative action."

The Protecting Canadas Seniors Act better protects seniors by ensuring tougher sentences for those who take advantage of elderly Canadians. Under the amendments to the Criminal Code, evidence that an offence had a significant impact on the victims due to their age - and other personal circumstances such as their health or financial situation - will now be considered an aggravating factor for sentencing purposes.

The Government addresses elder abuse in a number of ways, including its elder abuse awareness campaigns and the New Horizons for Seniors Program. In 2011, the Government increased its investment in this program, which includes projects to increase elder abuse awareness, by $5 million per year, bringing its annual budget to $45 million.

More information about elder abuse can be found at

An online version of the Protecting Canadas Seniors Act is available here.